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What is a coach?


In general, a coach helps you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go. Said in another way, their job is to help you get from Point A to Point B in your life.


What can I expect from a coach?


A coach will deeply listen to you without judgment or assumptions. Through powerful questioning a coach will support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable to achieving your vision for yourself. Whatever it is that you want in your life, a coach will help you identify the goals, pathways and agency to get there.



What will I get out of coaching?


  • You will become crystal clear on what you really want to have and achieve in your life.

  • You will uncover your core values, strengths and support mechanisms as well as the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from achieving your vision.

  • You will design your own action plan and follow through on your goals with support, inner strength, courage, motivation and accountability.


What is the difference between coaching and therapy?


Coaching is not advice-giving, psychotherapy or counselling. A coaching session may include identifying personal values and communication styles, brainstorming, goal setting, establishing plans of action, sharing educational information, asking clarifying questions, sharing observations, offering intuitive hunches, making empowering requests and holding the client accountable for commitments.


What is the time commitment and fees involved?

There are a variety of coaching opportunities. You can choose the amount and type of coaching that best fits into your life. Start off with a free 30-minute consultation to familiarize yourself with the coaching process and determine what works for you.

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