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Joyful Parenting, Joyful Teaching

Coaching for Parents & Educators

Do you want to reignite your love and confidence in parenting or teaching?

Do you want to see your kids/students happy, confident and optimistic?

Do you want to create an environment that allows for more time, peace and laughter?

Do you want to raise and educate kids to be responsible, respectful and resourceful?

As a teacher and parent, I know the feelings of worry, frustration and doubt that come up when addressing a child’s or teen’s concerning behaviour or needs while dealing with a life that quickly appears to get busy, disorganized and overwhelming.


However, I encourage you to rise to the challenge and benefit from the rewards and satisfaction of exercising parenting, teaching and life skills that work. You already have what it takes to be a calm, assured and an organized parent or teacher. You possess the inner resources to teach kids to be confident, assertive and resilient human beings who grow up to be emotionally and academically successful.


Learn how to coach youth and reap the benefits of enjoying harmonious, loving and respectful relationships with your children or students that can last a lifetime.

Discover, learn and apply solutions to common parenting and teaching concerns:

  • Build your child’s genuine self-esteem, optimism and resilience to setbacks

  • Learn techniques to help you and youth reduce, prevent and cope with stress & anxiety

  • Prevent and address your child or student from being bullied while becoming more assertive

  • Address youth who whine, do not listen, throw tantrums, sulk or back-talk

  • Apply solutions to tattling, lying, stealing and sibling/friend rivalry

  • Improve lines of communication with your child, student, partner or other caregivers

  • Overcome fears and struggles in the age of computers and cell phones

  • Tap into valuable insight into your child’s/teen's or student’s behavior/need

  • Learn how to advocate for your kids at school and getting parents on board as a teacher

  • Discover solutions to organizing your time, your house or classroom effectively

  • Receive support and encouragement for optimal peace of mind and life balance

For help in these and other areas please contact me to set up a free 30-minute consultation call.

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