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Group & Team Coaching

Adhering to the standards of the International Coaching Federation, you will be coached within a group setting with multiple individuals simultaneously. Through “team coaching", a group of people are aligned and headed to a common goal or outcome. In group coaching, members come together with a common interest but do not always have the same goal in mind. By the end of a group coaching session, each individual that is part of a coaching group has their own final goals to which they would apply their new skills.

Benefits of group coaching include:

  • A useful tool to follow up on any kind of training, as a coaching session can help learning retention and application of learning

  • A cost-effective and efficient way to reach a number of professionals at the same time

  • Sessions focus on goal setting, accountability, support from members and action

  • As coach, I am responsible for holding the space so that each member can contribute and create a climate of trust and confidentiality for all



Benefits of team coaching include:

  • A team coaching session can work to create a team charter as a form of coaching contract to stay on track and stay motivated.

  • Extremely useful for teams that are newly forming, with new leadership or re-forming after adjustment and helps to accelerate team performance

  • Coaches serve multiple roles including: supporting and coaching the team leader, keeping the coaching process in place for the team, holding everyone accountable for their actions, and ensuring that all members are participating.


Curious about group and team coaching? Consider trying a group or team coaching session! 


For more information, check out A Taste of Group or Team Coaching

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