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The Hope Phenomenon​

A theory and effective coaching practice that propels individuals to transform despair into hope

What is hope and how can we use it to achieve success?


By utilizing a combination of  unique willpower plus way power. Hope is defined as a positive feeling based on knowing how to create a path to a desired goal from here to there with tangible results. Understanding and applying the agency of hope gives individuals the ability to accept and transform conflict in themselves in order to create positive change in their lives.

Workshop Description:


During the session, participants will engage and learn actively by:

  • Understanding the meaning of hope and how it influences well being, positive movement forward and change

  • Examining how conflicts can surprisingly serve as a starting point for hope, direction and action

  • Introducing the seven pillars of hope based on the original hope theory developed by C. R. Snyder

  • Discovering effective coaching techniques that use the hope theory in practice with individuals experiencing despair

This workshop can be presented as a 45-minute or 75–minute session. Prices vary depending on location and number of participants.

The research presented in this session is based on the Hope Theory developed by positive psychologist Charles Richard Snyder and further developed by the “hope sisters” Bogumila Lapinski Anaya and Danusia Lapinski. ​

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