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Managing Stress for Health and Wellness

The art of living a more peaceful, joyful, prosperous and balanced life.

This fun and engaging workshop is designed to support you in understanding how to decrease your stress levels in your personal and professional life. Learn how to apply current research, effective strategies and coaching techniques that can easily transform stress into success at any age!


During this 60 minute interactive workshop you will examine: 


  • The benefits of stress and its supportive function in our daily lives

  • What makes us addicted to stress and how to stop it in its tracks

  • Your unique signs of stress, triggers and coping strategies 

  • Limiting beliefs and language that fuel our stress

  • Exercises designed to rewire your brain's response to stress

  • Techniques to decrease your stress hormones and increase your body's "happy" chemicals

  • Effective social emotional practices to manage stress levels effectively

What do people say?


Playtika Ltd.

Thanks for your amazing workshop!

Everybody loved it and I hope that they’ll put in practice some of the techniques that you showed us


Women's Work Integration Program YWCA

One of the best seminars to date. Excellent presentation skills. Very organized and present. We need more workshops like these, coping, psychological, emotional, because our biggest blocks as women are these.

Funny and truly effective advice that is pertinent to real life with this workshop.

John F. Kennedy Adult Education Center

It is comforting to know that there are numerous supporting and coping mechanisms available to help people deal with stress.


It was interesting to learn the names (of the brain) to match the stress.


It was great! I learned about myself and ways to help myself.


I was impressed by the presentation. Very useful.


A fun, educational and calming experience.


Thank you for your informative presentation. It definitely increased my awareness about stress.


Very interesting! I learned a lot and will start to change myself in order to use stress to my benefit. I'm excited to start!


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