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Study Skills for Student Success

A student's "survival guide" in meeting school requirements and expectations with more ease and with maximum results.

(For students, teachers and caregivers.)

This fun, interactive and hands-on workshop will offer you some great strategies to support you in your ability to master the art of being a successful high school student. Learn effective habits and gain knowledge that can dramatically improve your marks, gain you more time and support you in developing unshakable school confidence! 

Imagine a workshop that can help you:

  • Enjoy more free time by learning the best tried and tested student time management skills

  • Prioritize and get through your most important tasks (even if they are dreaded)!

  • Discover simple tips for effective exam preparation and writing

  • Successful student secrets you can apply to the benefit of your own success

  • Design a fail proof SMART goals map that will allow you to achieve your outcomes quickly and effectively

Technology at School
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