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Youth Coaching

What do you REALLY want to do with your life?


Teens and young adults request coaching for a variety of reasons, but the bottom line is getting what you genuinely desire

Here are some common requests for youth coaching:


  • To clarify your priorities, values, dreams and goals

  • To be listened to, taken seriously and guided in moving towards positive change

  • To learn how to manage and handle stress and other difficult emotions

  • To improve relationships with peers, parents or school staff

  • To manage school studies with personal life, land a job, or make an important decision

  • To build and exercise confidence, assertiveness and courage

  • To address and overcome bullying

  • To get support and new perspectives from an objective and non-judgmental mentor

  • To leave feeling motivated and inspired​


Smiling Student

What to expect from coaching? Support, encouragement, belief in you and accountability!


  • Discover your strengths, hidden talents, resources and real motivation

  • Get clear on your values, priorities, goals & your vision of success

  • Identify, understand & challenge your "mental gremlins" that hold you back in life

  • Design and follow through with your own action plans with accountability

  • Witness yourself moving forward towards your goals and positive life changes

  • Learn new skills and strategies to support you on your coaching journey

  • Exercise using the “muscles” of courage, discovering creative solutions, and trust

  • Celebrate your accomplishments and goals met!

Are you ready?


Figure out what matters to you most. Call or email me for a free 30-minute consultation.

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