Introducing Toolbox-Tools for Parents & Educators
Learn keywords and actions that can contribute to your child’s social, emotional and academic success!

This engaging workshop for parents and educators is based on a unique social emotional learning curriculum designed by Dovetail Learning Inc., a leader in whole child development.  


During the presentation you will be given an opportunity to familiarize yourself with Toolbox- a practical set of 12 easy tools that are taught to youth at schools across the U.S. and Canada.  You will also discover how the tools support and build one’s resiliency, self-mastery, assertiveness, confidence, decision making and autonomy.  Join other parents and educators in learning how to effectively use these inner resources to support social emotional wellness in yourself and the effective ways of teaching these tools to children and adolescents.

As a participant, you will learn

  • The Toolbox vision and mission

  • Examining our individual personal parenting/teaching principles and values 

  • Defining and understanding the 12 Toolbox “tools” for life 

  • Evaluating the use and benefits of the tools in our personal and professional lives

  • Three highly effective ways of supporting youth to practice and strengthen their own inner tools   

  • Coaching and role-playing around the application of the tools for life in and outside of school


Danusia is a trained Toolbox facilitator and is      involved in the implementation of the program at Willingdon Elementary School in Montreal.


Teacher and Young Student
Basketball Class
Kids Playing Tug of War