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Student Success Minus the Stress!

An informative group coaching process designed specifically for students to feel more confident and competent throughout their studies.

An increasing amount of students feel overwhelmed and anxious by the demands and pressures of pursuing their studies. Students are either "getting by" inefficiently or burning out unnecessarily.  This interactive workshop is created to offer students the awareness and tools to decrease their stress levels while improving the quality and effectiveness of their journey as a student.


Students will be coached in:

  • Defining their own personal vision of student success.

  • Looking at their current internal and external personal strengths and resources. 

  • Identifying their priority goal(s)  to meet their vision of success

  • Examining and tackling personal obstacles that stand in their way

  • Tapping into their most effective intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. 

  • Deciding on one concrete goal and accompanying action to move them closer to their priority goal.

A Classroom Lecture
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