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Certified Coach, therapist, teacher and mother of two, Danusia Lapinski M.A., B.Ed., P.P.C.C. has spent the last two decades inspiring, motivating and supporting individuals to tap into their highest potential and use it to achieve personal and professional success.


Danusia creates a safe and encouraging space for clients to move quickly towards their visions and goals. Co-actively, Danusia guides individuals to see their options by aligning deeply with their inner joy, values and positive beliefs.  


With a loving “kick in the butt”, Danusia assists individuals to identify their resources, exercise their personal strengths and utilize their driving motivation. As a result, obstacles are overcome and real life change occurs.


Featured in the Globe & Mail and on Global T.V., Danusia offers coaching services for individuals or groups, as well as training opportunities for organizational teams.

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Individual & Group Sessions

Are your ready to move forward in your life but don’t know where to start or how to go about it? Coaching allows you to quickly gain clarity and confidence while discovering your own solutions. Whether you are interested in realizing personal or professional goals one-on-one or in a group setting, coaching is your ticket to living a more authentic, meaningful, fulfilling and successful life.


For Conferences & Events

Whether you are seeking personal or professional development or interested in learning how to apply social skills for the work or home environment, workshops are an effective way to engage audiences.


These coaching workshops can be tailored to be presented at education and mental health conferences, lunch and learns or at community events. Look under the category of "workshops"


For Organizations

Clients who choose the training option want to improve well-being in the work or school environment.  The mentoring option is available for leaders who want to improve employee productivity or customer service.  Whatever your need, my training and mentoring expertise offers groups and individuals the opportunity to thrive personally and professionally.

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